Firefighter Training

Are you considering a career in firefighting? Perhaps you are already employed in the field and interested in advanced learning opportunities that will enable you to move into a new position. Whether you are a firefighting professional or preparing to become one, you can benefit from our fire classes online.

There are many stages of firefighter training that are addressed by our online curriculum. Online firefighter training provides our students with flexibility in scheduling while enabling them to learn at a pace that allows material to be studied in a way that leads to optimum retention. Our fire classes are structured so that you can study in the way that works best with your unique schedule and study habits. Our goal is that you will be able to use the knowledge gained in our courses to succeed in your career.

We offer firefighter training for a variety of needs. Our fire academy includes comprehensive cognitive material that will prepare you for entering the field of emergency response with confidence and competence. In addition to academic studies, our fire academy provides firefighter training drills and other hands-on activities during a Boot Camp session. Entry into the field requires both knowledge and skill, and our firefighter training drills during Boot Camp ensure that you have the opportunity to become comfortable with a variety of procedures in simulated situations.

We offer online firefighter training for those considering entry into volunteer positions as well. Rural communities can benefit from this online fire training in that a full range of important skills can be taught in a flexible format. Prospective volunteers can complete our firefighting training in a self-paced setting without having to travel away from home to do so. This also works well for volunteers who have limited training time available.

We also provide fire training courses that target the needs of prospective instructors, enabling them to advance educationally without having to take time out of their busy schedules to study. Work schedules for the fire professional can be extremely challenging, leaving limited opportunity for regular classes. Web-based firefighting training for those interested in becoming instructors can be completed during down time in the fire house, vacation time or during other inactive periods. As with our other courses, flexibility is an important component. You can learn for retention while preparing for your specific testing and certification needs.

Online instruction is an outstanding solution for the individual who wants to prepare for life as a firefighter but who has limited time available for traditional classroom studies. Our internet courses are accessible on a 24-hour basis, ensuring that you can study at a time that fits your personal needs. Structure is provided so that you cover all essential materials. At the same time, you are able to proceed through portions of your course as you master the material, ensuring that you retain what you learn. If you are interested in more information about one of our courses, you can contact our staff to ask questions. You can also find your courses and register online.

 Basic Fire Academy

This NFPA 1001: Firefighter Level I&II course is designed for the individual who desires to become a certified firefighter but would prefer to take the course at their own pace with our online fire academy.  Please click on your country of origin below for more information.
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Additional Firefighter Certifications

Our Firefighter Certification courses compliment every level of an individual’s career from basic to advanced.  Programs include Fire Officer I, II, III, IV:  Fire Instructor:  Fire Investigator:  Fire Inspector, Safety Officer, etc.
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Texas SFFMA Volunteers

Training Division has designed several courses for volunteers. These training programs are approved by the State Fireman’s and Fire Marshal’s Association (SFFMA) of Texas. Our vision is to provide and bring quality training to dedicated volunteers who may not have the opportunity to attend courses in a traditional classroom setting.
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