BLS Healthcare Provider Certification Course

Initial and Renewal BLS Certification

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This continuing education activity is certified for physicians, physician assistants, nurses, pharmacists and EMTs/paramedics.

The AHA BLS for Healthcare Providers course provided by Training Division is excellent for meeting the needs of various individuals. The online coursework provides the foundation in basic lifesaving skills, enabling students to get the important concepts down before proceeding to skills training in a clinical setting. It’s important to have access to quality curriculum in order to be sure that information is current, and Training Division provides access to up-to-date options with a flexible approach that meets the unique needs of students from varied backgrounds.

Who Can Benefit?

BLS for Healthcare Providers is provided for initial and renewal certification needs. The course is suitable for those in training to become EMTs, paramedics, pharmacists, physicians, physician assistants and nurses. It also serves the needs of those holding such positions who are preparing for renewing their credentials. Regular refresher courses are required for such professionals to address new understanding and techniques related to lifesaving skills, and Training Division provides access to up-to-date information.

What Is Covered?

The course is divided into three parts to address information and techniques related to CPR for adults and children. Additionally, AED use is an integral part of instruction and training. During the first portion of the course, a virtual classroom provides students with the information needed to understand equipment, use of the equipment and specific information about situations requiring basic lifesaving skills. Infant CPR and choking concerns are addressed during this instructional period as well. Specific topics covered include:

The second and third portions of the course involve hands-on training in a brick-and-mortar setting. Our Emergency Training Center provides monthly training opportunities, allowing students to participate at times that fit their schedules. Students are provided with visual examples, and they are able to practice as they learn these skills for the first time or as they review previously learned skills. Testing is conducted as well, allowing students to demonstrate proficiency in their ability to provide basic lifesaving skills.


One of the most important benefits of Training Division’s BLS for Healthcare Providers course is the flexibility offered to our students. Academic material can be completed at a pace that works for the student. While some students are ready to move through the material quickly, especially those taking the course as a refresher, others need time to review topics carefully so that they will retain information. Students can access the virtual classroom on a 24-hour basis, meaning that they don’t have to take time away from work or spend evenings out of their homes to get initial or refresher training. In-person portions of the course can be scheduled based on personal schedules. This flexibility makes it easier to obtain and maintain BLS certifications.

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Only $50.00

Call Us: 1-877-470-3473