Advantage Program

The Advantage Program is designed to help students that have recently (or not so recently) completed their Basic Fire Academy program and have their NFPA 1001: Firefighter Level I&II certification advance their training and equally as important, advance their odds of gaining career employment.  Some graduates have firefighting positions waiting for them after certification is complete, but for others, challenging other candidates for hiring opportunities is more normal.


We want to provide the best possible chance for you to achieve the career of your dreams and to help do that, we are working together with local departments & firefighters from across the continent to keep your firefighting skills sharp, learn new advanced rescue skills, brush up on interview skills, and complete job preparation advice and information.  Because the advice and information differs from region to region, we are offering these Advantage Programs in these different regions lead by local firefighting instructors.


Calgary, AB

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Vancouver Island, BC

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Kelowna, BC

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Winnipeg, MB

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Lower Mainland, BC

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Thank you to our students from around the world!

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