What Students are Saying

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“Just wanted to inform you that I have been hired as a full-time structural firefighter in Kamloops BC Canada. It’s been a long 2 years of training, writing tests, doing physicals and keeping my head in the game, but well worth it. A big thank you goes out to all staff at Training Division, without you none of this would have been possible.”
Brent Fritz / Class 82

“Just wanted to drop you a line to tell you I was offered and started a position as an ARFF firefighter with the Hamilton Ontario International airport. If it wasn’t for your outstanding program I would not have had this opportunity. I would also like to encourage you to keep up the great work you guys are doing. Please feel free to use my name and forward any inquires from prospective students I will be happy to share my Training Division experience with them.. Thank you again and keep up the great work.”
Andrew Leach / Engine CO. 8 / Boot Camp 64

“Just a visit from Class 04, working 6 days a week and raising children, you were my only hope of attending Fire Academy. With your help, long before the facilities you have today, I have achieved my dream. I have been with The Woodlands FD over two years and look forward to many more. Thank you so much for all that you do! I look forward to visiting and seeing all the progress!”
P. Stai FF/EMT-P The Woodlands, TX

“Since graduation in July of 2005, my career as a firefighter has taken off. After returning from Boot Camp, I had a confidence that was unparalleled in my department.”
Mike Reitour, Maryland

“I really enjoyed taking the Fire Academy. Boot Camp was the best time I ever had. Just one month after completion I was hired by the City of Perryton.”
Jonathan Turney, Perryton, FD

“The instructors were all really passionate about their work. They were very effective at not only passing information to pass the course but also information on life really works on the fire ground and how to stay safe.”
Eric Butler, Boot Camp 18

“I want to thank all of you for the training I have received. I have and will continue to refer anyone who is interested in Fire Service training to go through Training Division.”
Sean Murphy, Boot Camp 16

“I have not forgotten (nor ever will forget) the time I spent at the Fire Hall in Johnson County as part of the August Boot Camp 2005, Class 17;  It was the best 2 weeks of my life! (and the breakfasts that were served are still beyond compare).  Your Instructors were outstanding and role models to us all.  I think back with fond memories of the fantastic group of people I was being trained with and also of the intense learning process that is of such great benefit to all those who walk through your door.  I begin my orientation with the Beaumont Fire Department here in Alberta next weekend and will be wearing my Training Division shirt with pride. Thank you and God Bless you All and All those who attend your training facility.”
Lou Bloom

“I attended Training Division during the summer of 2008 as apart of Class 54. I would like to inform you all that I have recently been hired at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport as a Firefighter. I would have never been able to achieve my goal of becoming a Firefighter if it wasn’t for your online fire academy. Being able to work around my schedule and use my vacation time to complete my NFPA 1001 and NFPA 472 was invaluable to my success. I would recommend Training Division to anyone who has aspirations of becoming a Firefighter and cannot afford to take extended periods of time away from their current professions. I would like to thank Training Division and all of its staff for giving me the opportunity to follow my dream and finally achieve my goal of becoming a Firefighter. It would not have been possible otherwise! Cheers!”
Class 54 graduate, Toronto, Ontario, Firefighter, GTAA Pearson International Airport Fire and Emergency Services

“I wanted to take a moment and thank the Faculty and Staff at Training Division for the amazing program that you put on! I had the privilege to be a Captain in Class 55 and I can honestly say that the course and the 2 weeks of Boot Camp are one of the highlight’s to my life to this point! I found the on-line portion of the course very user friendly and especially enjoyed the textbook that you chose for us to use. As I studied from home, I found that your staff were helpful with any questions that I may have and that they handled them promptly and in a caring manner. Attending Boot Camp was an incredible experience! I was able to take my experience as a volunteer Firefighter here in Canada and couple it with the skills that we taught every day for the 2 weeks at your campus. I found this experience to be an invaluable asset to my career. I also had the opportunity to meet many new recruits that I have been able to keep in touch with from all over North America. I appreciate the sincerity and dedication of your Faculty and Staff. They are very knowledgeable, but also friendly and fun to learn from. Great food, great facilities, and an amazing setting are probably one of the reasons for your continued success. As a matter-of-fact, I was just hired on as a Firefighter in the City of Moncton, as of June of this year! That makes for quite a number of Firefighter’s in this area to have gone through your course. I have recommended it to many people that I know and personally know of 2 from my area that just attended Boot Camp and know of 3 other that will be signing up soon. Keep up the great job!! Thank you for the great experience.”
Keith Guptill, Firefighter, Moncton, NB, Canada

“I just happened to put my Training Division sweatshirt on yesterday and just wanted to say a quick hello to everyone. I hope all is well in Texas! About 2.5 years ago I went through your EMT program, then came back in Dec ’07 for your fire academy. I had an amazing time and met some wonderful people, who I still talk to today! Thanks for such a great experience. After many interviews, last year I was finally selected for a job with a city fire department. The academy was unruly, and like nothing I had experienced before (and I have been a military basic training instructor twice). It was physically demanding, but the worst part was just the lack of respect and dedication from the training team. The biggest thing I remember from Training Division is how dedicated, respectful, and knowledgeable your staff was. They went out of their way to get me HAZMAT training a day early so I could interview with a department during the academy. The staff was motivational, and I think your academy breeds a different type of firefighter, one that I personally like better. The people I met in your academy had an amazing sense of team, much like the military. Even though the academy is only two weeks, staying at the boot camp together added a lot to the experience, something you won’t ever get in a 12-week day academy. Anyway, despite my fierce determination and mental strength every day in the city academy, it just was not meant to be. I ended up injuring my back badly enough that it was impossible to finish the academy. If you don’t remember me, I’m only 4’11”, and like to do a lot of push-ups! At the start of 2009, I found my place back in the military leading troops in the medical field. I have an amazing job that I love. I consistently use the things I learned in the fire academy, and am extremely involved in our military chemical response team! I would like to start volunteering with fire and mountain rescue again, as soon as I find a space minute. Right now I’m the lead planner for our training deployment in March. We are actually going to be providing medical care for the homeless and uninsured populations, so that will be fun. Finally, I want to wish you all a wonderful holiday season. I remember coming there are the tree was already up! I hope you have finished all of the renovations upstairs above the training room, and I was always secretly hoping for a workout room so I didn’t have to run down the street to the gym! Hopefully it has all happened over the past 2 years. I’m sorry I have not kept in better touch. Thanks again for your service and dedication to training, and for the opportunities you provide to working adults who can’t quit their day jobs to become a firefighter or medic! I truly think it was one of my favorite experiences. Thank You.”
Christina Stack, Denver, CO

“THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I just wanted to say how much I appreciate all your help in helping me reach my dream! I don’t know how I would have ever did this while working more than full time and raising a family at the same time. Without you all this would have never been possible. Your dream of creating this “Online Training Division” is simply amazing! I just got back from my third interview with the Chief of South Platte FD and they offered me the job on the spot. I was a little thrown off with this offer and my heart has never been racing so fast from just words. I start March 16th 2009 and me and my family are VERY excited! I was very impressed with your instructors and the entire experience. Again, thank you for everything you are doing in Crowley, TX, KEEP IT UP!!”
Caleb Edwards (Class #47)

“Just writing to inform you that I started with Woodstock Fire Department in Ontario Canada on monday.  Woodstock is my home town and I can not be more excited!!!!This is a full time position on 24 hour shifts that will start after 10 weeks of recruitment training.  So I wanted to say thanks to everyone there for all the help and compliment you on a great run program. Thank for everything!!”
Class 43, Ron Nadalin

“I have been hired by Vancouver Fire & Rescue in BC. And I will be doing my 6 month Probationer Practical & Written Test March 13th. I’ve been to about 6 or 7 structure fires and a few car fires. But just the other day I was 1st in on the nozzle for a fully involved basement fire with some rollover when we opened the door…it was GREAT!”
Harvey, Vancouver, B.C. Canada (Class #20)

“ECA First Responder Boot Camp: I thought the class was very fast-paced and informative. The instructors packed essential information, hands-on training, and individual attention into an already limited schedule but I still pulled it off. The real-world knowledge provided by the instructors is probably the most valuable part of the program. I think the setup you guys have is phenomenal and I am looking forward to taking my EMT Basic in the fall.”
Satisfied Student

“After finishing y’alls academy in Class 22, I passed the Texas EMT test (on my 1st try). I continued to work at the small county department in my neighborhood (Sam Bass Fire Dept) until moving to Houston in the Fall of 2006. I went through the written and physical testing for the Houston Fire Dept, and was hired through their “Fast Track” program for members already posessing both fire and EMT certifications. I’ve been an HFD Firefighter/EMT for 14 months, and I’m assigned to the semi-famous (or infamous!) Station 19 in Houston’s 5th Ward. I’m still learning so much every day I’m at work, but I definitely have y’all to thank for such a great foundation of knowledge and skills. I am so blessed to love and enjoy my career and to look forward to helping people and having fun while I’m at work, and I couldn’t have done it without the kind of program y’all offer. I hope all is well with you and your family, and with the school, and good luck. Thanks again!!!”
Matt “Opie” Opiela. Houston, TX

“I was in class 42, I just wanted to let you know that I have been hired with Sarnia Fire Rescue.  I just finished the recruit training and am starting on the engine at Sarnia’s No. 1 station.  Four of us from Point Edward were in class 42.  Kurt Illemann has been getting quite a few interviews and it seems like he is on the verge of getting a job offer.”
Jeff Cowen, Point Edward, Ontario

“I just wanted to let you know that I was offered the job with the Delta fire department, who I understand called you for a reference check.  Thanks for your support and good luck with the school.  I really enjoyed my time there and am pretty excited about finally getting to continue my education on the job.  It’s been quite a journey the last couple of years but I am sure it will be all worth it when I get on the floor later this month.”
Eric Butler, Delta, Canada

“Training Division works out great for those individuals who still have to work and pay their bills.  The two week boot camp is great and gives you a little taste of life in the house and the camaraderie you can have in the fire service. During the boot camp instructors are very safety oriented and can help you get your IFSAC seals and Texas certifications quickly. The two weeks go by quickly and give a basic introduction into basic fire fighting and station life. I started the online courses for EMT-B and Fire in December of 2006, completed my boot camps, and started working for a Dallas area Fire department in December of 2007. If you have to work and have limited time to devote to a new career. Training Division is the school for you!”
Isaac Chan, Dallas / Fort Worth Area, Texas

“Providing accreditation for the Iqaluit Fire Department is very difficult given our budget limitations, distance and shift coverage. Even when we are able to deliver on-site courses, members without 1001 I & II either do not have the prerequisites or will not be IFSAC certified. Effectively their careers stall or remain in-house. Training Division’s Fire fighter 1 & 2 online course has provided us with an opportunity to assist our members on obtaining full 1001 certification that is cost effective and manageable. As a participant (Captain, class 38) I found the course to be challenging, especially the self-discipline to keep pace, the instructors and the top-notch facilities. The expertise of Boot Camp evoked many of the true realities of the fire service, team work, respect, and discipline. Out training program has recently been revamped to include Training Division as our choice for basic firefighting and the launching point for our members in their careers in the fire service and our department. Please add my name to the ever growing list recommending Training Division.”
Chris Wilson, Deputy Fire Chief, Iqaluit Fire Department

“I was in Boot Camp #46 and can’t say enough good things about my time there. All of the instructors were immensely helpful and skilled in all aspects of the fire service. The program instilled a sense of pride, teamwork, and most of all, passion in me that I have not experienced before. Everything that I learned has been useful in developing my brand new fire service career. The good news I wanted to share with everyone is I recently was hired by North Lake Travis Fire & Rescue and start full-time on February 1st. I look forward to an exciting fire service career and am confident that Training Division has provided me with a solid foundation upon which I will always continue to build.”
Kyle T. Swarts

“I just wanted to let you know that I have been successful in obtaining a fire fighting career in Adelaide , South Australia with the South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service. Thanks very much for your wonderful course. Im sure that helped me a great deal in getting the job. My name is Corey Bradley and I was in boot camp #26 last May. Thank you so much everyone. Kind regards.”
Corey Bradley

“I would like to thank you for your excellent instruction. Three of us from Pantex Fire Department recently completed the Inspector course at Training Division. The course was top notch and the instructors were very competent and professional. We will not hesitate to take our next course through Training Division. Oh, the course was so well done that all three of us passed Inspector I, Inspector II, and Plans Examiner with high scores.Thank you for a job well done.”
Tim Hunter. “A” Shift Battalion Chief, Pantex Fire Department Amarillo , Texas

“Just a quick note to let the staff of Training Division know that I was recently hired by the Farmers Branch , TX Fire Dept.. My start date was Sept. 25th and I have been on shift since Oct. 1st. I would not be in this position without Training Division. The training and knowledge I received from your organization was top notch.Thank You.”
Jonathan Castro, Class 35

“My name is William Daniels I was a member of Boot Camp Class 31 I just wanted to let everyone know that I was hired by the Houston Fire Department. Thank You.”
William Daniels (AKA Lt. Dan)

“Dear TrainingDivision: Thank you for all your teaching. I just got a job in Rawlins, WY, as a Probationary Fire Apparatus Operator. They were impressed with my Firefighter I/II, HAZMAT A/O, and EMT-B certifications. All certifications have transferred. I have had the opportunity to work with each shift so far and most are quite impressed with my hard work ethic, professional attitude and knowledge of firefighting. They are looking for more people like this so please pass this on to any other recruits who are self-motivated, willing to work with volunteer firefighters, and would love to live in a small city. Sincerely.”
Josh Kammerlohr (Member of FF class 37 and EMT-B class 7)

“Just a short note to let you know that I got a job with Coquitlam Fire Department  in June ’07. Thanks (Class #2).”
John Fitzgerald, Coquitlam, Bristh Columbia

“Just dropping you a line and letting you know that on Friday I have an interview with the Chief of Vancouver Fire Rescue Service to welcome me into the department!!  My recruit class starts on Oct 1st and is a month long then I will be active after that.  Thanks for all your knowledge and support when I was down there and hopefully things are going well.”
Evan Clark, Vancouver, Canada

“I wanted to take a second to express my appreciation and give thanks to the staff of training division. It was everything I knew it would be and much more. The facility was very nice and accommodated our every need for training and living purposes. It showed me a lot about life and the fire service and how everyone is very caring and passionate about what they do. All the instructors were very patient and made learning fun. Training division is a class act all the way.”
Jeremy Kramer

“I want to extend my thanks to you, Chief Reed, the staff and instructors at TrainingDivision. I recently completed Boot Camp in Class # 40. I passed my state exam with a 92 and all the skills on teh first try. On state exam day I felt confident of my training I received. I was able to obtain all four IFSAC seals, scoring a 100 on HAZMAT Awareness, and 85 on HAZMAT Ops. I was a little nervous of HazMat but our class with Instructor Jones made all of the online HazMat come together. The training over the 14 day boot camp was intense, but looking back I wouldn’t trade it for the world. This was truely one of the best experiences of my life. The bonding with my fellow cadets and the environment I feel was the closest it could have been to being in a fire house without being in one. Each of the instructors did a great job training, and mentoring us. I felt that most of the instructors set the ideal example of how a firefighter should be. They were great role models.”
James Shelton, EMT, TX

“If you have the drive and desire, Training Division can help you achieve your goal of becoming a firefighter in half the time of traditional fire academies.”
Rob Stone, Coppell Texas Fire/Rescue

“I feel like I learned a great deal not only from the instructors and about firefighting, but from my classmates and about the kind of firefighter I want to be. If had to do it all over again, I would and I would work even harder at it.”
Ben Clendinning, Carrollton Texas, FD

“I was blown away, by you as a company and more importantly you as individual people and personalities. Training division is an amazing school, it is staffed by amazing and very caring people. I wish I could toast you folks and your efforts not only on my behalf but on behalf of every wannabe firefighter you nurse through the academy. I salute you all!”
Christopher Wharton

“Hi Training Division Staff, I just wanted to let you know that I have been successful in obtaining a fire fighting career in Adelaide, South Australia with the South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service. Thanks very much for you wonderful course Kind Regards.”
Corey Bradley, Class 26

“Just had to say hi and let you know that I think Jordan will do awesome. I referred him to the training division after he heard me brag about what a great school it was and what great instructors there was.”
Jordan Deberry, Boot Camp 10

“Greetings from the Great White North!! I am just writing you to once again thank you and the other instructors very much for the experience and knowledge I gained while attending Boot Camp #30. As of today, December 14, 2006, I was officially hired on with the Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service. I start on January 2, 2007. If it wasn’t for the knowledge and experiences I gained at Boot Camp, I don’t think I would have been successful in achieving my goal to gain employment with the Fire Paramedic Service in my home town.”
Jeff Egan, Boot Camp 30, Battalion 2, Engine 5

“I know that God has called me to be an example in my future department to other fire fighters now. I am looking forward to it. So far I have two applications in, and 2 more in the next couple of weeks.”
Shayne Wanner, Prince George, BC, Class 29

“Hello all at the Training Division. I am less than 2 weeks away form starting with the Fire Dept. I am excited and anxious to be doing this full time now. Thanks.”
James Walker, class 22, Fort McMurray, Alberta

“The class was great!! Mike was one of the best instructor’s that I have ever experienced with over the 26 years in the fire service says a lot. Your class and the people that you have affiliated with the program have all been very nice and I will remember all of you for the rest of my life. THANKS AGAIN!”

“I recently went through EMT class #6. I just wanted to shoot you a quick email and let you know that I THROUGHLY enjoyed everything about the course and my time at you facility.”
James Van Kirk, EMT Class 6, Extremely Satisfied Student

“I just wanted to thank you for the awesome experience that I has as a member of Boot Camp #30. The exposure of living as a real life firefighter while attending the academy assisted in preparing me for the station assessment of the recruitment process and provided me with the tools to successfully achieve my first goal of getting hired with the Edmonton Fire Department. I now look forward to using the skills that I have been taught and continuing to learn new skills in an effort to becoming a great Fire Fighter. Thank Again!”
Rob Johnston, Edmonton, Canada, TD Boot Camp #30

“Your facility was very accommodating and the staff and instructors were not only professional and knowledgeable but were also friendly and approachable.
I especially enjoyed the clinicals and ride-outs. Thanks.”
Brandon Herring, EMT Class 6

“I received an offer from the Oak Hill FD, and I start on the 13th on October.”
Jesse Lister

“What Training Division provided me: You had to show self discipline to finish the program and get real rapid manipulative training at the Boot Camp, which was awesome. Keep up the great education and training.”
Kory Mullin, California

“I was in class 25. I have been working for the Fort Mojave FD in Arizona as a career Firefighter for two months now. I could not have done it without your training.”
James Kartinen, Fort Mojave, Arizona

“I commend the professionalism of the entire staff at Training Division, which is what really stands out in my mind.”
Brandon Bunch, Converse, Texas, FD

“This has been a jouney with a remarkable ending and beginning. Again I would like to thank you for your hospitality.”
Captain Mickey Blain, Fairview Fire/Rescue

“I found out Friday, I’ll be he newest member of the Bryan FD. I look forward to staying in contact with the crew at Training Division and I’ll do my part to represent the academy in a positive light.”
Kinch Meyer, Bryan, Texas FD

“I have so many people at the academy to thank. Every single instructor brought forward a unique dynamic that helped me clearly learn the section that was covered.”
Jim Hatcher, Canada

“I must say quite honestly that the two weeks I spent at the Boot Camp were extremely enjoyable. The two main reasons for that were the other students were fun to be around and the professional attitude of all the instructors. Thank you once again for your professional approach and I would not hesitate to recommend your program.”
Patrick MacKinnon, Canada

“Good News I have hire by the City of Irving. I wanted to say thanks to all the instructors at Training Division, my schedule would never have allowed me to complete my Fire certification.”
KC Martin, Iriving Texas, FD

“I wanted to let you all know that I begin my career with the Richardson FD in October 2005. I wanted to thank each and everyone one of you for your hospitality during our brief encounter. It was you kindness that eased much of the stress of the situation.”
Brandon Horne, Richardson Texas, FD

“I have been involved with the City of Vancouver hiring process for the past four months and I just received confirmation today that I have been hired. I would like to thank all of you for being part of the process with me.”
Rob Weeks, Vancouver, Canada, Fire Department

“I think this is one of the best training schools the fire service has seen in a long while. A friend of mine took your online course and has already landed a job with the city of Temple Texas. Thank you for finding your way to rural volunteer departments.”
Josh, Sipe Springs Volunteer, FD

“Two months after Boot Camp I was given an offer of employment by the Sioux City Fire Department. I start August 8th. Thanks to everyone at the academy.”
Nick Roth, Sioux City, FD

“I really enjoyed myself and will recommend Training Division to anybody up here.”
Yos Gladstone, Whistler BC, Canada

“I have gotten hire by the City of Victoria FD. I am extremely excited and my persistence has paid off. I hope all is well with the Training Division family.”
Jamie Lind, Victoria, BC, Canada

“I learned more in this course than I think I ever could in another academy. Not only about fire, but about teamwork and what it takes to make it together.”
Brian Hammes, Killeen,TX

“What a great staff of enthusiastic instructors who have a passion for the fire service. I think one of the best things that is taught in this course that is not available in all academies is station life. That is something you need to be prepared for.”
Kevin Horn, Mission, BC

“The entire experience from the the first phone call through to exam time has been professional and positive.The experience at the academy has been awesome. The comraderie among students and instructors made the experience less stressful.”
Kevin Martin, Manitoba

“I can see why Training Division is becoming so popular. Where else do you stay in a working fire department and live the life of a firefighter. What a great experience.”
Jacob Nicholson, Coquitlam, BC, Canada