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Training Division is an emergency services training company that was developed by firefighters for firefighters, fire recruits, and Emergency Medical Service personnel. As professional firefighters, we understand the difficulty of trying to obtain firefighter certification, EMS certification, and professional development training. A group of firefighters with many years of fire education experience has developed these programs with those problems in mind, including the NFPA 1001 certification that we offer here at Training Division. We wanted to make a fire and EMS training program that everyone could take from their own home, rather than try and sign up for a class, arrange accommodations, and schedule time off.

Our ultimate goal is to provide firefighters with a “one stop” place they can come to for their basic or advanced disciplines and certifications, including EMT certification, one of the only internet available EMT school offerings on the Internet today.  We also emphasize safety in every aspect of our training.  Our students learn not only to perform at the highest levels within their fields but to stay safe and keep others safe while working.

Training Division has an excellent academic reputation. Our courses hold 4 of the top ten class average scores ever recorded by the Texas Commission on Fire Protection. This includes the top score ever recorded by a class AND an individual. Academic excellence and skills mastery is the top priority of our company.


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