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This course is designed for individuals who desire to become certified as firefighters and prefer to work at their own pace.


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These courses are designed for anyone wanting to become certified as an EMT or First Responder.

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About our Firefighter Courses

Our firefighting courses are separated into two important portions. The online firefighter training will teach you important principles of dealing with fire, medical and other emergencies. Our curriculum is consistent with the standards of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). The hands-on portion of the courses will give you practical skills and knowledge necessary to start your firefighting career. 

Course Testimonials

“I really enjoyed taking the Fire Academy. Boot Camp was the best time I ever had. Just one month after completion I was hired by the City of Perryton.”
— Jonathan Turney, Perryton, FD

“The instructors were all really passionate about their work. They were very effective at not only passing information to pass the course but also information on life really works on the fire ground and how to stay safe.”
— Eric Butler, Boot Camp 18

About our EMT Courses

Our EMT courses are similar in structure. You can complete your online EMT training at your own pace. After your studies have concluded, you can attend our hands-on training for EMTs. In both academic and practical portions of your medical technician training, we ensure that you receive top-rated instruction and essential information. We prepare our emergency medical technician candidates for a challenging but exciting career path, and we equip our prospective first responders with the tools they need to embark on these careers in their local communities. 

Course Testimonials

“I recently went through EMT class #6. I just wanted to shoot you a quick email and let you know that I THROUGHLY enjoyed everything about the course and my time at you facility.”
 James Van Kirk, EMT Class 6, Extremely Satisfied Student

“Training Division works out great for those individuals who still have to work and pay their bills. The two week boot camp is great and gives you a little taste of life in the house and the camaraderie you can have in the fire service.”
— Isaac Chan, Dallas / Fort Worth Area, Texas


Instructor Spotlight
Ronald Hale has over thirty years of experience in the public safety and emergency response industry.  He has responded to, commanded, and managed incidents including explosives.
Featured Article
What’s the heirarchy of leaders when multiple departments and emergency personnel combine to fight an incident? Find out more about the leadership structure here!

Instructor Reviews

Wayne Baker
Chief Baker is one of the best instructors at TD. He teaches in a way that makes it very easy to understand the topic and skills. He is one of the many reasons why TD is the best!” – Class 162

“Has a great knowledge of the subjects. Tells us the reality of the job, does not sugar coat it. GREAT INSTRUCTOR!” – Class 166

Lonnie Ballenger
Instructor Ballinger is a great asset to the fire service and Training Division.” – Class 161

“Passionate about the fire service and it shows! Very good at emphasizing the service portion of the job and makes things easy to understand.” – Class 166

Ron Hale
Instructor Hale is a prime example of why I wanted to get into the fire service. He is a walking display of honor, courage, and integrity. He is the Hazmat GOD!” – Class 161

“ If you look up bad A** in the dictionary, there will be a picture of Instructor Hale. I can only aspire to be half the man he is. I’ve never developed so much respect for a human being in such little time.” – Class 166

Jack Watson
Instructor Watson is awesome. He knowledge and experience sets him apart from most, but his teaching methods sets him apart from all!!!” – Class 161

David Wilkes
“This Instructor is solid!!! He made my experience at Training Division worth every minute I spent working to get there.” – Class 166


For students wanting additional hands-on training during their Basic Fire Academy experience, select cities are host to our SMART Fire Academy program.  Click Here for more details, a list of cities, or to request a free information package.

SMART Fire Academy

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